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Our first level of development as a child is to realize that our body is separate from our Mother and the environment around us. Next we become aware of our emotions and then we began to have the capacity to hold mental images and understand concepts.

When we don’t receive the kind of support, bonding and stimulation that we need as a child, that loss is stored in the physical body and imprinted in the subtle body. When our needs are not understood, the emotional system codes that into the physical body, often as a symptom, to remember and leave a trail to go back and find when we are able.

Our memory is not sequential at this time, it is stored in impressions, sounds, smells and visual images that also function as clues, like a trail of bread crumbs.

All of your wisdom can be found in your body and your heart.The heart and gut have neuronic connections to the right brain, it is your connection to your instinctual self.

In many of us, the instinctual self has been overridden. Elements of knowing have been put in a vault for safe keeping, as they were not allowed in your family, church or school. We replaced these important knowings with thinking and beliefs that are not grounded in the body’s wisdom.

Recovering these links is vital to your ability to feel your wholeness and access your knowing. The ‘thinking brain’ needs not to be in the driver’s seat of your life. This brain needs to be a servant to the instinctual self that can see Truth.

The Body Centered Psychotherapist is able to work with these non verbal experiences to help weave them into a full integration, like going back and picking up a slipped stitch and weaving it up through the fabric of your being. She will help to open the vault on these valuable connections to your own knowing and facilitate an integration.

The Body Centered Psychotherapist will need to have experienced this kind of therapy herself to understand the landscape and be able to guide and mentor an integration.

Working as a foursome, Archetypal Pattern Analysis, Integral Theory, Nondual Psychotherapy and Body Centered Psychotherapy can give an important integration.

See: Hakomi Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Pycho-physical Psychotherapy for more information.