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The mandate of Integral Therapy is to help clients to move to their next level of consciousness. To do this, the Integral Therapist’s main task is to help a client move from identifying with their ‘false self’, integrate ‘subpersonalities’, liberate shadow aspects and help them identify with their authentic self at a new level of consciousness.

We all have the drive to try and reach union with wholeness at each level of consciousness. This causes different aspects of wholeness to be shaved off into the shadow and forces the persona into particular stances, which result in sub personalities that gather together around certain archetypal developmental themes and cause the person trouble in their life.

Our ego does not really want to go to the next level of consciousness— to do that takes a dissolving of its current understanding of how to function, make things happen, be in relationship……etc. And, integrating parts that we long ago put out of consciousness is not fun. It is an experience of a somewhat unknown landscape where you often feel lost and ungraceful.

Subpersonalities are parts of self from lower developmental levels of consciousness that were sent out of conscious awareness as the false self of that level was established. The subpersonality has set up a system for its own survival and proliferation. Abiding in the shadow, they manifest behavior from the lower structure stages.

To carry out this mandate takes a strong mentor and an Integral Therapist who has integrated their own shadow aspects and sub personalities and had been trained to work with all the levels of development, higher and lower.

The combination of Archetypal Pattern Analysis and Integral Therapy is powerfully integrative.

Hope you want to make this journey!

See “The Atman Project” and “Integral Psychology” books by Ken Wilber